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Terms and Conditions for High Speed ​​Craft Rental

Our company is specialized in the rental of fast boats. We are a company whose initial priority is the excellent customer service. So, thinking that we could serve our customers' needs, we have vessels that are tailored to provide daytime recreation in the deep blue waters of Vourvourou at a very low cost and to enjoy a comfortable trip. The passenger limit of 7 people.

Boats and engines are new and checked with full service before each delivery. Note: We are not responsible for any mechanical or other damage that will be caused by your fault on board during the fare. Prices include: Safety, GPS, anchor, ice cooler, bathroom ladder, all life saving - fire extinguishers - supplies according to Greek legislation and delivery - receipt.

Not included: Fuels


According to the General Port Regulations (GFC) 38 regulating the rental of motor boats and speedboats for small boats:

- Each vessel is leased to license execution voyages be (blue and not green flying amateur) and write it professional.

- The authorization of leased vessels must make specific mention of the destination registration with red ink the words "leased PURSUANT OF No. 38 GENERAL REGULATION PORT".

- The offenders are punished with a fine amounting to forty thousand (40,000.00) €

The lessor must deliver to the lessee by letting:

(a) The original license to operate a vessel and a hired vessel

(b) A copy of the policy

(c) A certified copy of the rental license

(d) Copies of the General Port Regulations (GCC) 20, 23 regulating the motion and movement of motor boats and speed boats and the G.K.L. no. 38.

  1. Weather conditions

The hiring and detention of the vessel shall normally take place when the wind force is not more than 6 beaufort at the point of receipt and the port authorities so allow.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, which prohibit your departure on the day of commencement of your lease, the amount of the deposit is refunded and the rent is canceled for another day if you wish.


Two days before departure we must have known the desirable time of the ship's departure, according to your schedule.

Upon arrival at the ship's pre-defined pickup point you will be required to sign all the necessary documents for the hiring of the boat and to arrange for any financial pending issues.

On receipt, a detailed demonstration of the vessel and the equipment is given, and a declaration of acceptance of the vessel and a list of its equipment is given for signature. Also, detailed information on security procedures is provided and information is provided on the use of the vessel and the documents / licenses given to you. The boat is delivered by us, filled with fuel tanks, to facilitate the process.


It is worth noting that the previous actions can be taken at our headquarters any previous day at the request of the charterer, in order to accelerate the departure on the day of departure.


The return to the delivery point of the vessel is at the predetermined time. On delivery, the condition of the vessel and its equipment is checked. The refueling of the boat with fuel is undertaken by us. The cost of fuel is borne solely by the charterer.